Threads from Instagram: New Messenger Introduced as Snapchat Competitor | |

Threads from Instagram: New Messenger Introduced as Snapchat Competitor

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Threads from Instagram: New Messenger Introduced as Snapchat Competitor

Almost two months ago, in this article, we reported on Instagram's new Threads Messenger. Today it is started unexpectedly for Android and iOS. The new Messenger is also available here.

For some time now, Facebook has been using Instagram to attack its competitors, especially Snapchat. Stories have been published, filters have been added and survey, time and location stickers have been integrated into the app. Some time ago, Snapchat introduced the Snap Map. With this you can see the current location of your friends. This is how Instagram's new app works.

Threads from Instagram: Messenger and Auto Status

The new app combines the chat features already familiar from Instagram with additional features for "close friends". This is a group of people that you can define yourself and to whom you want to provide more content. For example, you can share a story on Instagram for close friends only. Threads are only about close friends: there you can only communicate with these friends.

If you open the app for the first time, you can log in directly with your Instagram account. By default the camera always opens (we know this from Snapchat), wipe down opens the chat overview. There you can find the last chats from Instagram, but only those with close friends.
Threads of Instagram: Available for Android and iOS with Dark Mode

There are no real differences or advantages to the normal Instagram Chat in "Threads", only the automatic, more personal status updates. I remain curious how the app will develop in the next months. Of course we also included the links to download the app for Android and iOS directly below. Oh well, for all fans of the dark side of power: you can set the design of the app in the settings to Dark Mode. 😉 The Dark Mode for Instagram under Android is currently already distributed.

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