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Surface Earbuds: Microsoft Introduces Its Own Wireless Headphones

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Surface Earbuds: Microsoft Introduces Its Own Wireless Headphones

In addition to the new Surface Pro 7, Laptop 3 and Pro and the 2020 devices Surface Neo and Surface Duo, Microsoft has also surprisingly introduced its own wireless headphones (True Wireless Sound). These are not surprisingly called Surface Earbuds - they also have exclusive functions.

Last year Microsoft introduced their Microsoft Surface Headphones. Now the Surface Earbuds have followed suit. They have a very eye-catching design because they are round. The Surface Earbuds have some interesting features. With gestures like triple typing you should be able to start Spotify on Android smartphones or you should be able to change the volume or songs with gestures. The sound quality should be very high with "Omnisonic Sound" - promises Microsoft.
Four microphones and Office integration

Microsoft's ecosystem also comes into play. Microsoft has put two microphones in the headphones and the sound is filtered again to improve the voice quality of calls. With Power Point presentations, you should be able to control the presentation with a swipe gesture and the microphones can translate the presentation into 60 languages in real time. Also in Word and Outlook texts can be dictated instead of typed.

E-mails should also be able to be read aloud, answered and deleted with the headphones. With a double tap you can also start Cortana or another assistant like Google Assistant. Calls can also be accepted or rejected. Other Office features have not yet been shown. But there were even more applications in the trailer. We assume that even more features are planned.
The battery and price of Surface Earbuds

Microsoft promises that the Surface Earbuds will last about 8 hours in a single charge. With this case you should be able to get up to 24 hours more battery. You can charge the case with USB-C. The headphones will be available in the USA for 249 US dollars, which is equivalent to about 226 euros. According to Microsoft, the headphones will be delivered in the USA by the end of 2019. The German market launch will probably be postponed until 2020.

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