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Microsoft Surface Duo: A foldable smartphone from Microsoft

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Microsoft Surface Duo: A foldable smartphone from Microsoft

The Surface Duo is a new step towards Microsoft's smartphone division. In addition to the larger Surface Neo, which is supposed to be a larger tablet, there is a real smartphone - albeit more for the business user. The first details and pictures.

While the Surface Neo should run with Windows 10X, the Surface Duo should also be able to run Android apps. However, it's still unclear whether one will really rely on Android. A special Windows version with Android modification would be conceivable. Here you probably couldn't and didn't want to give more details. Rather this is also an outlook towards the future, which will be possible and planned.
Surface Duo: Dual screen and foldable

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Surface Duo will come with two "separate" displays. In the middle you can see the 360-degree hinge and the display won't fold "directly". In addition to support for Android apps, you should also have full access to the Google Play Store and be able to do everything possible on it. Just like with a smartphone, only with two displays and not directly Android as operating system.

Interessant ist das Surface Duo aber wohl auch eher nur für Businessanwender – während Telefonaten kann man auf dem anderen Display etwa den Kalender oder eine Notiz-App öffnen. Für den Privatanwender wird es zu groß und unhandlich sein – in die Hosentasche passt es nicht. Genauere Details wird es leider auch hier erst Ende 2020 geben.

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